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Our team of fully trained and qualified mattress and 家具清洁 experts at Enviropure can effectively remove stains, 你的家具上有霉菌.

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床垫 & 渥太华的室内装潢清洁公司

Enviropure offers expert mattress and 家具清洁 in Ottawa to carefully remove any stains, 污垢, 过敏原细菌和更多来自你的空间. 优德游戏app的专业团队是经过充分培训和合格的, ensuring that each and every job is done properly and to the highest standard.

Dirt and bacteria can easily build up over time from sleeping, eating and watching TV. 专业清洁消毒, the air quality of your space can improve as well as the overall cleanliness. Contact Enviropure’s cleaning team for all your cleaning needs today.



你的地毯需要清洁吗?? 寻找装修后的清洁? 或者你只是需要一个彻底的房子大扫除. 优德游戏app的免费评估今天!

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优德游戏app的专业清洁剂可以安全地去除污渍, 模具家具上的霉菌、气味和宠物毛. This service not only keeps your space clean and smelling fresh but also extends the overall longevity of your furniture and flooring. Enviropure offers upholstery and carpet cleaning services in all of Ottawa including; Barrhaven, Kanata, Nepean, 奥尔良, Backburn,哈姆雷特和Stittsville. Contact the experts at Enviropure today to find out more about our cleaning services.

At Enviropure we specialize in mattresses and 家具清洁; we also clean:

  • 爱的座位
  • 餐厅的椅子
  • 扶手椅

用床垫缓解过敏 & 家具清洁

你应该保留你的床垫的主要原因之一, 地毯, 床上用品, and upholstered furniture clean is that they are the prime location in the home to find dust mites. Dust mites are microscopic bugs that feed on dead skin cells and make soft fabric materials their home. 尘螨占 70%的呼吸道过敏甚至会引发一些人的哮喘发作. Exceptionally bad infestations of dust mites can even impact the quality of a person’s sleep.

Once dust mites have invaded your mattress or upholstered furniture, it becomes incredibly difficult to get rid of them because they can lay up to 300 eggs within their 80 day lifespan. It takes deep and methodical cleaning to get rid of dust mites, so it’s better to trust the professional cleaners at Enviropure to clean your mattresses and upholstered furniture every so often to keep them free from dust mites.

Enviropure home cleaning specialists disinfect a home for COVID-19


如果你每晚睡足8小时, then you are spending one third of your time laying on your mattress. Studies show that an average adult will produce about 26 gallons of sweat in bed each year. 这水分, combined with your body heat makes your mattress a welcoming home for fungus and bacteria to grow.

因为床垫老了,没有得到适当的清洁, 更有可能是酵母之类的东西, 霉菌和细菌,包括大肠杆菌.Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus could be growing within your mattress. These contaminants are hazardous to your health and can lead to a number of adverse health effects. 在床上放上干净的床单会有所帮助, but the mattress still needs to be cleaned every now and then to keep it free from harmful bacteria and fungus. Contact Enviropure today to give your mattress a deep cleaning that will have it as clean as when you bought it.


经常 问问题

Below are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions about mattress & 家具清洁. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Enviropure today.

如果你的床垫在附近, 达到或超过其预期寿命, 它有污渍和/或气味, 你可以考虑买个新床垫. 如果你有一个相当新的床垫,有污点或气味, 优德游戏app可以帮你打扫床垫. We’ll let you know when we are on site whether the stain or odor can be removed.

清洁室内装潢的理由有很多. Fabric is vulnerable to gathering odors (pet odors, smoke, food, people, etc.). Upholstery can also collect 污垢, dust, bacteria and other potentially harmful particulates. Over time, upholstery on couches, chairs, 爱的座位 and more can get 污垢y or stained. 优德游戏app的家是为居住和享受而设计的. 仍然, that enjoyment and living takes a certain toll on some of the furniture, 家里的地毯和其他材料. 室内装潢也不例外. 由Enviropure提供深度优德88手机客户端下载, 包括室内装潢清洁和/或床垫清洁, 优德游戏app可以帮助去除大部分污垢, 随时间积累的尘埃和其他物质.

当然! A great way to keep that favourite piece of furniture usable is by refreshing it with an 家具清洁. 无论是皮革还是布料, 优德游戏app可以清洁任何布料并去除灰尘, 污垢, 气味和许多污渍可能已经发生 & 随时间积累. We’ll let you know more details when we provide the estimate after a visual inspection. 如果优德游戏app看到很深的污渍, 例如, we’ll tell you there’s a chance we won’t be able to get it out completely. 优德游戏app的工作是清洁地毯的内饰, 躺椅, 沙发, 爱的座位, 餐厅的椅子, 床等等.

在优德游戏app的经验, 皮革更容易保持清洁, 为了让它远离灰尘, 灰尘和细菌. Leather can be treated so that it repels small spills of liquid (less likely to stain than fabric); but leather (especially suede) can also be subject to damage by larger liquid spills. Leather may also be less likely to absorb cigarette smoke and other odors, 取决于所用皮革的类型和质量水平. While darker fabrics and patterned fabrics may show less 污垢, 不要被愚弄, 它们仍然会堆积污垢, 细菌和过敏原. That’s why 家具清洁 is important to maintain a clean home in Ottawa.

优德游戏app可以. 然而, you’ll find it more economical to combine your Ottawa 家具清洁 or mattress cleaning with a full house cleaning from Enviropure. 优德游戏app将派出优德游戏app的人才, 经验丰富的清洁人员到您的家, 他们会彻底打扫所有的房间, 个性化的表面, 面料和更多. 优德游戏app会提前给您一个免费的估价. Just let us know what you’d like clean, and we’ll make it happen!